The All-New 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is Great for the Price of Crazy on Gilt Groupe This Week

You might’ve heard that VW partnered up with Gilt Groupe to sell a Jetta a day, starting Wednesday and running until Friday, for the ridiculous price of $5,995. That’s a full $10,000 off the base Jetta S trim price, which was already so good our accountants briefly passed out when they heard about it.

Yesterday’s sale was only for Gilt mobile app users, which, as you would imagine, diminished the number of potential buyers. Did that hurt us? You be the judge. The first 2011 Jetta on was in the customer’s cart in one second and went from zero to SOLD in under five minutes. Not bad, huh? We thought so.

The speedy buyer didn’t just save $10,000 on a 2011 Jetta S trim; they (and whomever scores the next two) got a loaded 2011 Jetta SEL with a base price of $21,395*. That’s a price difference of $15,400 which to us isn’t simply “Great. For the Price of Good.” It’s more like, “Great. For the Price of Ridiculously Awesome.”

Also, since we’ve been overtaken by holiday spirit, we’re giving all the money we make on these three cars to a great charity called Dress for Success.

Today and Friday’s sales start at noon eastern and are available to both web and mobile app users. If you want an amazing car for the price of a nicely equipped scooter, we suggest you set a few alarms and tell your boss you might be a little late to that 12pm meeting. They’ll understand once you pull up next to them in your new beauty. We make no promises of your continued employment in the event of jealousy, however.

Visit to register and get your shot to buy the all-new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta for under $6,000. And don’t forget to tell us what you think about this amazing deal by leaving a comment!

Want to know more about the Jetta? Here’s our vehicle page:

*All prices shown are the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Base MSRP for 2011 Jetta S is $15,995 with manual transmission. Base MSRP for Jetta SEL is $21,395. All prices exclude taxes.


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