The New Audi TT: More Attractive, Sportier and More Efficient

Boardwalk Audi TT

After 1998, the Sport Coupe segment was never the same again. The Audi TT was a legend and the design icon right from its debut a market position that has only been improved upon since the introduction of the second generation.

And now in 2011, the product improvement of the new TT is coming and we want to take it to a step further with regard to the exterior, the interior, the power train elements and to the driving experience in general.

When you take a look at the TT from the outside, especially from the front, then you’ll see the new masculine bumper. It makes the vehicle wider, sporty and that’s the first eye catcher. The second eye catcher is the new revised single-frame grille with its black super glossy finish, a very noble, a very stylish element. As an additional option the new TT can be equipped with LED daytime running lights, appearing rather like human eyes in the front end, the exclusive effect. An Audi has an unmistakable face.

Seen from the side, two things become apparent. First of all, the new 17-inch wheel rims with a 5-Spoke V design, then 10-Spoke design, 18-inch wheel rims. New exterior colors are also available.

And the usual unmistakable element, the timeless architecture with its distinctive design. It is impossible to confuse the Audi TT with another automobile. Very important here is the fact that the engine range has been revised as far as efficiency is concerned. The result, up to 14% less CO2 emissions.

Despite the considerable gain in efficiency, the Audi TT engines are still well-conditioned athletes. This is particularly true of the new comer a 2.0 TFSI, its 155 kilowatts or 211 horsepower mean a gain of eight kilowatts compared to its predecessor. And the 350 newton meters of torque are a gain of 70 newton meters. The vehicle objective, driving pleasure, objective achieved.

The Audi TT, like every Audi, sets standards in interiors already today. And since, this is particularly important for our costumers and for the brand, we have sharpened things up here as well.

This is where the stylish glossy back finish comes in and the aluminum look as well. As usual under statement is the TT interior strong statement, premium quality and the sporty appearance are apparent in additional details rendered in an aluminum look. Like for example, the controls for the air conditioning and further details on the steering wheel. The new glossy black is also unassuming and efficiently placed as seen in the casing of the display of the onboard computer on in the interior rings of the air vents. The new Audi TT, even more attractive, sportier and more efficient.


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