New for the 2011 model year is the Gallardo LP550-2

Just arrived! New for the 2011 model year is the Gallardo LP550-2–the same great Gallardo Coupe, but with 550hp and a rear wheel drive configuration. It gives the car a lighter feel and a general tossability not found in the sure-footed AWD platform…and the price is significantly less.

Factory options on this brand new 2011 Gallardo LP550-2 Coupe include the e-gear transmission, light package and transparent engine bonnet, branding package, brake calipers in yellow, and special paint colour. One additional item we install on many of our coupes at Lamborghini Dallas is our custom color-coded LED light package to accent the engine compartment. These LED are operated via a separate switch and can be lit with our without the vehicle running. They draw very low current and can be left on for hours without worrying about the draw on your electrical system.

Lamborghini Dallas is one of the largest dealerships of its kind in the United States, a testament to Lamborghini and its storied pedigree. With a state-of-the-art showroom, factory-certified service facility and parts depot, and a team of master technicians that can work on any high-line vehicle, Lamborghini Dallas is dedicated to the legacy of the famed raging bull.

As a member of Boardwalk Auto Group we cultivate a focus on top-flight performance. It’s the driving force behind every nameplate we represent, every car we maintain, and every customer we have the privilege to serve. Performance. It’s what we do.


  1. New For The 2011 Model Year Is The Gallardo LP550-2 | Lamborghini Reviews

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