From the man who knows everything: An insider's view of the 2012 Volkswagen Passat

At Volkswagen, our product managers are a bit like parents: they know things about our cars that most people don’t, and they say embarrassing things like, “I remember when you were just a CAD design!” But when the production model rolls off the line and into the real world, no one is prouder—and Passat Product Manager Serban Boldea is certainly no exception.

At our recent Full-Line Dynamic Drive event, we let the proud poppa and Passat Product Manager do what he loves best: take a spin in his beloved Passat TDI.

“It’s a fun car to drive,” says Serban. “You don’t have to give up anything to get the great fuel economy. You still get the driver’s car, you still get to have fun going through corners, but you can go down the interstate and get over 40 miles per gallon.” The Passat also features available leather seating surfaces with Dinamica inserts for added comfort, which is a good thing; with a fuel range of nearly 800 miles, you could find yourself sitting in those seats for a long, long time. But don’t worry—the dual zone climate control feature will ensure that you and your passengers enjoy the entire journey.

And Serban’s not just showing a parental bias when he says that he loves the optional nine-speaker 400-watt Fender Premium Sound System. He describes it as “the absolute nicest surprise.” As he puts it, “You start listening to the music and the crispness of the sound is just unmatched.”

To hear more of Serban’s thoughts on the Passat, watch the video below.



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