Audi sets all-time U.S. sales record in 2011; brand expects momentum to continue into 2012

  • December 2011 sales set all-time record with 12,655 vehicles sold, a 20% gain across the model line up
  • 2011 marks the best year in Audi of America history, with 12 straight months of record-setting sales and 117,561 vehicles sold YTD
  • Record-shattering 2011 sales propelled by demand for C- and D-segment vehicles, representing 34% of the sales mix, and strong TDI® clean diesel sales
Audi announced record U.S. sales of 117,561 vehicles sold in 2011, eclipsing the prior record of 101,629 vehicles sold in 2010. Marking the best year Audi has ever enjoyed in the U.S. market, year-end sales increased 15.7% over 2010. December 2011 also set a new all-time monthly record, with 12,655 vehicles sold, a 20% increase over the same period last year.“Another record year of sales reinforces the Audi position in the U.S. market, as consumers increasingly choose Audi over other luxury competitors,” said Audi of America President Johan de Nysschen. “In 2012, Audi will continue to capture a significant share of the premium luxury market with exceptionally engineered vehicles.”December results were buoyed by strong performance in the C and D segments, with record December sales for the technologically advanced Audi A6, the design-forward Audi A7 and the flagship A8 sedan. A6 sales of 1,855 increased 124% over 2010, while sales of the A8 luxury sedan increased 35% to 678 vehicles sold. Sales of the all-new Audi A7 four-door coupe remained solid, with 887 vehicles sold in December.


• Best December ever, and best month ever, with 12,655 vehicles sold, a 20% increase over December 2010; December also marked the first month with over 12,000 vehicles sold in Audi of America history
• Record sales every month of 2011 for a total of 117,561 vehicles sold YTD, a 15.7% increase over last year (limited by available inventory)
• A8 sales grew 275% YTD to 5,700 units sold in 2011
• A6, A7 December sales marked the best month of 2011
• C- and D-segment sales surged: 34% mix in December 2011 vs. 22% in December 2010
• The Audi TT continues its success, due mainly to strong sales of TT RS, with a 238% increase in December to 216 vehicles sold
• Demand for key models is exceptionally strong: days’ supply for Q5 and Q7 in single digits nationally
• TDI mix remains very strong: 55% of total A3 sales YTD and 41% of total Q7 sales YTD were TDI clean diesel models
• December was a record month for Audi Certified pre-owned, surpassing the record in December 2007 of 2,889 sales, with 3,406 units sold; YTD sales set a new all-time annual record with a total of 37,259 units sold in 2011


Audi of America, Inc. and its U.S. dealers offer a full line of German-engineered luxury vehicles. AUDI AG is among the most successful luxury automotive brands globally. Audi was a top-performing luxury brand in Europe during 2011, and broke all-time company sales records in the U.S. Through 2016, AUDI AG will invest about $17 billion on new products and technologies. Visit or for more information regarding Audi vehicle and business issues.

Model Line Dec. ’11 Actual Dec. ’10 Actual Yr/Yr % change Dec. ’11 YTD Actual Dec. ’10 YTD Actual Yr/Yr % change
A3 635 578 9.9% 6,561 6,558 -0.9%
A4 3,722 3,513 5.9% 35,234 34,672 1.6%
A5 1,273 1,455 -12.5% 15,385 16,379 -6.1%
A6 1,855 828 124.0% 11,124 8,675 28.2%
A7 887 0 0.0% 6,270 0 0.0%
A8 678 502 35.1% 5,700 1,521 274.8%
Audi Q5 2,337 2,473 -5.5% 24,908 23,518 5.9%
Audi Q7 919 1,014 -9.4% 8,998 7,976 12.8%
R8 133 119 11.8% 1,145 799 43.3%
TT 216 64 237.5% 2,236 1,531 46.0%
Total Audi Sales 12,655 10,546 20.0% 117,561 101,629 15.7%


– 2010 A4 numbers include Audi A4 sedan, Avant, and S4 models. 2009 A4 numbers include A4 cabriolet, which has been discontinued.
– 2010 A5 numbers include Audi A5 cabriolet and coupe’ and S5 cabriolet and coupe’
models. 2009 A5 numbers do not include the cabriolet models.
– A6 includes Audi A6 sedan, S6 sedan and A6 Avant models.
– All-new A7 model sales began in april 2011.
– 2010 A8 includes Audi A8 sedan, A8L sedan, and S8 sedan models. 2011 A8 includes Audi A8 sedan and A8L sedan.
– TT includes Audi TT coupe’ and TT roadster models.


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