Roshan’s new ride by Lamborghini Dallas + Friends

[cincopa A8NARwq8FHmJ]

Mr. and Mrs. Gandhi, it was our pleasure to do this for Roshan at Hightower Elementary. All of us knew that Roshan loves Lamborghinis and watching his expressions will last a lifetime! Thank you for the opportunity to let us be a part of your lives.

We also want to note that there were many others that helped out in this special project, along with Lamborghini Dallas. Michael Luongo our Shop Foreman here at Lamborghini Dallas, Thomas Liu with New Concepts Paint & Body who provided the Giallo Midas, Tri Coat yellow, Stuart Singer with Stuart’s Paint and Body who provided the custom “Lambo” book box, Houston Ozona with Statosheild Custom who provided the 3M Clear Shield, Mark Plummer, Parts Director at Lamborghini Dallas, Delanie Doyle, Special Events Coordinator with Boardwalk Auto Group, and Tim Mckenna, GM at Lamborghini Dallas were all a great help as well.

Special thanks also go out to Hightower Elementary School, Plano, Texas – Hilary Lamb, Deidre Thompson, Claudette Fette, Kulsum Mzee and Maria Sprott, Principal, in coordinating our effort.

Louie and Lea Ann Bonsukan


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