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Best-in-class vowel-to-consonant ratio: 10 things to love about the Touareg

Ah, the majestic Volkswagen Touareg. Bold, beautiful, and born for adventure. What’s not to love? You already know that the Touareg gets you where you’re going in style and comfort, but here are a few more things you may not have known about it.

  1. It’s an IIHS Top Safety Pick. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s judges awarded the Touareg with their Top Safety Pick rating, the highest possible rating from the non-profit safety research organization.
  2. The Touareg TDI gets an estimated 28 miles per gallon. You already know that the Touareg can go anywhere—and now you know that it will burn less fuel getting there. The Touareg TDI also puts out an impressive 406 pound-feet of torque at 1,750 to 2,250 rpm while producing 225 horsepower at 3,500 to 4,000 rpm.
  3. It’s rugged, yet refined. Sure, the Touareg is ready to handle any terrain at any time, but with luxurious standard features like a multi-function steering wheel, heated rear reclining seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, and leather seats, you’ll look (and feel) great, no matter where your Touareg takes you.
  4. It has an available Dynaudio® premium sound system. The 620-watt sound system with 10 premium speakers and DSP technology will make road noise practically disappear.
  5. The Touareg has a Hybrid option. That’s right: you can get a Touareg fully loaded with premium features and the world’s first supercharged hybrid engine.
  6. The REST button keeps you warm when it’s cold out. “Rest” is the German word for “residual,” and the REST button enables the Touareg’s residual heat function, which uses an electric pump to circulate engine coolant through the heat exchanger for a maximum of 30 minutes after the car is turned off.
  7. Available 4Motion all-wheel drive. With the special synchronized technology in 4MOTION, each wheel is always in motion and constantly working together.
  8. It can get you across two continents in record time. Earlier this year, Rainer Zietlow and his team set a new world record for driving the length of the Pan-American Highway, crossing through 14 countries and covering nearly 16,000 miles in a Touareg TDI in only 12 days. You may never need to drive that far, but if you do, the Touareg can handle it.
  9. It comes with a programmable key fob. The key fob can be programmed to do all sorts of things, like open and close the rear hatch and even start your engine remotely.
  10. The Touareg will leave the light on for you. The automatic vehicle illumination feature lights the way when you’re walking from the vehicle to your destination. You can even turn on the headlights from your key fob when you’re approaching the Touareg.

Tell us: what’s your favorite thing about the Touareg?


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16,000 miles, 14 countries, 3 people, 1 world record: Rainer and team complete the TDI-Panamericana Challenge in record time

Mark your calendars for 8/29/11 at 2PM. We have the Touareg TDI Panamericana coming to Boardwalk Volkswagen in Richardson for a very special presentation. Learn more about the TDI Panamericana and check out the amazing pictures at​m/gallery.php.

By now, you know that Rainer Zietlow and his team Carlos Fernandez and Marius Biela completed the TDI-Panamericana Challenge ahead of schedule. But did you know that they also set a new world record for driving the length of the Pan-American Highway? The challenge was their way of commemorating the 75th anniversary of the world’s longest road, because nothing says “I love you” quite like crossing through 14 countries and covering nearly 16,000 miles in a 2011 Volkswagen Touareg TDI® Clean Diesel SUV—and doing so in only 12 days, three full days fewer than the previous record-holder.

10-07-2011_1_Mexico_BielaAfter a few weather-related delays, the drive kicked off July 2nd at the southern tip of South America in Ushuaia, Argentina. Thanks to the team’s hard work and round-the-clock driving schedule, they went from southern to northern hemisphere—and winter to summer—in just 12 days. Along the way, they passed through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, the United States and Canada, ending their journey in Deadhorse, Alaska. The team overcame several logistical nightmares, triumphed over foot-deep potholes and dealt with more than a few challenges courtesy of Mother Nature, including (but not limited to) icy roads, a blinding sandstorm in the Chilean Desert and dense fog in coastal Ecuador. All in a day’s work for the team. (OK, 12 days’ work, but who’s counting?)

12-07-2011_4_Bisons_Canada_BielaBut there was more to this drive than proving the Touareg’s mettle: as with all of his previous challenges, Rainer donated 10 Euro cents for each kilometer driven during this trip to two villages in Latin America managed by Plan International, a charity organization that works in 48 developing countries to promote children’s rights and lift millions of children out of poverty.

Tell us: what was your favorite part of the tour?

Remember: you can always relive Rainer’s adventures online at, where you’ll find photos and videos documenting the journey from start to finish.

Rainer’s team drove a 2011 Volkswagen Touareg TDI Clean Diesel. The Touareg’s 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 TDI® Clean Diesel engine and 4MOTION® all wheel drive (AWD) system deliver the performance and durability required to tackle the many twists and turns of the Pan-American Highway. The engine provides an impressive maximum torque of 406 lbs.-ft. at 1,750 to 2,250 rpm while producing 225 horsepower at 3,500 to 4,000 rpm.

In order to account for the demands of the TDI-Panamericana Endurance Challenge, Rainer’s Touareg has been modified to include:

• Innovative Inmarsat satellite technology for live communication, even in the most remote areas
• The largest tires that fit the Touareg to better address bumpy roads throughout South America
• An additional 300-liter fuel tank to extend the distance the vehicle can travel between refueling

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The All-New 2011 VW Touareg Supercharged Hybrid: More Than A Beast. A Rare Beast.


The joy of driving, the excitement of performance, and high standards of German Engineering are requirements that set the stage for every Volkswagen. Power, intelligence and efficiency come together in almost every feature of the 2011 Touareg Supercharged Hybrid. With stats like 380 hp and 428 lb/ft torque the Touareg a beast. However, since the power comes from a supercharged hybrid engine, the Touareg is more than just a beast. As the world’s first supercharged hybrid, it’s a Rare Beast.

As you may already know, a hybrid achieves its energy efficiency by combining the use of an internal combustion engine with an electric motor. The Touareg Hybrid also uses technologies like regenerative braking, which helps replenish the battery by using kinetic energy produced by the brakes. For immediate power off the line, boost mode supplies maximum outputs from both the electric motor and combustion engine.

What’s under the hood isn’t even what’s most exciting. Inside, almost every available luxury feature has been incorporated… standard. A huge panoramic sunroof sits over both front and rear seat passengers, plush Vienna leather seating surfaces are found throughout, and the top-of-the-line in-dash technology will guide and entertain you for hours.

This Rare Beast is much more than a powerful ride. It’s a groundbreaking example of what
happens when Volkswagen ingenuity meets hybrid technology.

To get a feel for this Rare Beast, check out its origin story, anatomy and habitat at

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The all-new VW Touareg – an SUV more sophisticated than Shakespeare’s bones


VW webisodes starring Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader and the 2011 Jetta are headed to a small screen near you. Paired with VW product specialist Danielle Gumro and SNL writer John Mulaney, Bill (weʼre on a first name basis now) brings his comedic style to the new series “Inside the VW Academy.”

The series weaves together useful and hard-hitting product features while managing to be at least a bajillion times more entertaining than the ownerʼs manual. The first round of videos feature the Jetta, Touareg and Tiguan models and will be featured on the official Volkswagen YouTube channel ( and on the completely redesigned VW website (

“There was a real collaboration between Volkswagen and Bill Hader on the set of ʻInside the VW Academy,ʼ and the unscripted comedy resulted in a unique and interesting format to engage consumers,” said Tim Ellis, Vice President of Marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc. “This highquality online entertainment highlights our superior German engineering in a new way and underscores all the value you get when buying a Volkswagen.”

“I was excited to get to work with the elusive Danielle Gumro. But I was bummed I couldn’t keep my wardrobe from the shoot,” added actor Bill Hader.

The Jetta, Touareg and Tiguan will each be featured in three videos that highlight key features, safety, performance and technology, and each video shows a competitive comparison. The content will provide factual details interspersed with funny dialogue and comedic improv. Consumers will also be able to post the videos via YouTube and Facebook.

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Volkswagen Leads Industry with Six TOP SAFETY PICK Awards from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

We are extremely proud to announce that six of our models have earned the prestigious Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) Top Safety Pick award for 2011. In fact, VW has more 2011 IIHS Top Safety Picks than any other brand, so it’s not just another lovely notch in our safety belt, it’s also bragging rights. But that’s neither here nor there.

So, what does this mean, for us, and for you? Well, for us, it means that we’re doing something right, and we’re doing it better than ever, as all IIHS Top Safety Picks must earn the highest rating of good in all four Institute tests (front, side, rear, roof-strength test evaluations). It also means that we’re never fully satisfied with the bar we’ve set for the vehicles we make, and that we can promise to keep pushing for even better and safer ones in the future.

And for you, it means that you and your family can rest even easier in your Volkswagen Jetta, Jetta Sportwagen, Golf (4-door model), GTI (4-door model), Tiguan, and Touareg, fully cognizant of the fact that what you’re driving has passed, and with flying colors, testing even more rigorous than that administered by the federal government. And we should mention that it’s not even a given to qualify for testing with the IIHS; all tested vehicles must possess both electronic stability control (ESC) as well as head protection airbags.

Needless to say, these Top Safety Picks have put a big smile on our faces here at Volkswagen going into the New Year. It’s been a groundbreaking 2010 for us, and 2011 looks to be even brighter.

So, from our family to yours, have a fun, healthy, and SAFE holidays.

Check out the press release for more info:

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We have an idea for a new reality show. Makeover: 2011 VW Touareg Edition

Every so often, a VW model gets a few touch-ups. Even less often, a VW model gets a full redesign. In the case of the new 2011 Touareg, the latter is a more appropriate description. There’s a ton that’s different about this handsome new machine, but sometimes it just takes one detail to really change the driving experience.

To that end, we’d like to take a moment and focus on the new panoramic sunroof, which is a full 350% larger than the sunroof in the previous model, and comes standard in the “Lux,” “Executive” and “Hybrid” trim lines. Add a wind deflector to help eliminate turbulence and associated noise, and you’ll get not only a quieter drive, but one that touches all the senses.

Have you ever driven a car with a panoramic sunroof? If not, imagine a few scenarios, if you would…

Imagine seeing an entire palm tree, instead of a couple fronds. Imagine the warmth of the sun at mid-day, instead of just its glare. How about being able to feel the breeze off the ocean, instead of just seeing the waves crash?

So while it may seem like just another feature among many, we beg to differ. These are the things that make an average driving experience above average.

Now, we could go on and on about all of the new features and specs and options available with the new 2011 Touareg, but that’s what the press release is for. Speaking of which, there’s a link to it just below this sentence. Enjoy!

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World Premiere: New VW Touareg takes the SUV idea into the future

Touareg debuts with hybrid drive and high-tech range of engines
Wolfsburg / Munich, February 2010. Today, Volkswagen is unveiling the completely redeveloped Touareg as a world premiere. It is the most technically innovative “VW” since the brand has been in existence. This Touareg is reinterpreting the fascinating multipurpose SUV idea in a contemporary way. It sets standards among fully off-road capable SUVs with petrol engines that have a fuel consumption value of just 8.2 liters fuel per 100 kilometers. The Touareg Hybrid can be driven up to 50 km/h in purely electric mode – emissions-free. Among the diesel engines, the Touareg V6 TDI with 7.4 liter combined fuel consumption now posts the best value in the segment of genuine SUVs.

New era SUV –lighter, more aerodynamic and fuel efficient
As has already been accomplished on the globally successful, smaller Tiguan, Volkswagen is systematically striving for sustainability on the new Touareg too. The SUV was lightened by 208 kilograms in the base version. Yet, the body has five percent greater torsional rigidity, which makes it the leader in its competitive class. Along with aero-dynamic refinement efforts, another factor at work here is that this Touareg is built lower to the ground than the previous model. Together with front end styling based on the new Volkswagen design DNA, this results in a smaller frontal area. All engines, now offered with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission – a first in this market segment – demonstrate significant fuel economy advantages over the previous model.

SUV for all trails – All-wheel drive
Also modified in pursuit of reduced fuel consumption was the standard all-wheel drive. In the base version (“4Motion”), all new generation Touaregs have all-wheel drive with Torsen limited-slip differential (4MOTION; climbing ability: 31 degrees).

SUV for everyday driving – more space, more innovations
Volkswagen has not only made the new Touareg lighter, more fuel efficient and an agile performer; it has also made it into an even more versatile, all-round vehicle. The new interior was made more functional, the seats more comfortable and leg room in the rear is larger. Now the rear bench seat has 160 millimeters in longitudinal adjustment, and the backrest angle can be adjusted. Electrically unlatched at the press of a button as an option, it folds down in seconds and frees up 1,642 liters of cargo space.

The parking brake is now activated by pushbutton. As an option, the tailgate can be opened and closed by a RF remote control unit integrated in the car key. The largest panoramic sunroof of all SUVs provides for light even on overcast days. Bi-Xenon headlights with Dynamic Light Assist perceive oncoming traffic and adjust the light beam to eliminate unwanted glare, and adaptive roll compensation ensures that the Touareg sits solidly on the street.

Touareg – the best of two worlds
About 500,000 car drivers chose to buy the first generation of the SUV. It is a luxury sport utility vehicle that offers a high level of comfort, sporty driving properties, avant-garde styling, and unlimited expedition capabilities – essentially the best of the passenger car and off-road worlds unified in one concept. This is now being followed up by the new Touareg – a high-end and versatile all-round vehicle that brings these two worlds together even more perfectly.
*Available in the U.S. late 2010.
**European model shown.
The material above has been translated and adapted from the original Volkswagen AG press release about the European version of the new Touareg. Some equipment and features will vary in U.S. models.

August 20, 2010

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